Here at Young Gunz Kennel, we specialize in breeding and training top tier Pointing Labrador Retrievers. We don't settle for mediocrity. Whether it comes to the style of our dogs in training or the quality of dogs we select as breeders. All of our dogs in the breeding program have been bought as pups and then evaluated to make sure they have what it takes to produce the quality of dog we strive for here at Young Gunz Kennel. 

  When it comes to pups born here or dogs in for training, we treat every one of them as if they are part of the family and our own. Making sure they have a clean, safe environment to stay, that way they are not stressed when it's time to train and go to work. Focusing on keeping them healthy and as fit as possible to handle anything we throw at them in training or the field. Pups, Training, or Started Dogs, I have no doubt we can get the job done for you here. Enjoy the page and hopefully we hear from you to help you find that new best friend/family member and hunting buddy. Thanks!! 

MPR Young Gunz Abracadabra 

APR Young Gunz Sauk River Honey Hole

CPR Young Gunz Stealth Point