Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Treatment Options To Reduce the Pain

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Treatment Options To Reduce the Pain

Failed back syndrome (FBS), also called failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) is a condition characterized by persistent pain after back surgery. The main cause this syndrome is if you fails to relieve excessive pressure on your spinal column. Many factors contribute to this syndrome, including residual from the surgery and many post-operative symptoms that cause your back are in pain. Failed back surgery syndrome treatment options are the ways to help you reduce your back pain.

Failed back surgery syndrome pain can be reduced but will still remain, or may get worst in a few months after surgery due to scar tissue around spinal nerve roots along with muscle spasm. The syndrome does not meant that there something wrong on the surgery as it’s arises because another factor.

The syndrome associated with surgical procedure and patient original condition. The pain varies from minor dull pain to pricking or sharp stabbing pain, and can cover a little area or broad region of back or leg. The pain will last for a while, and to reduce the pain, you need to take action to overcome the pain.

The first failed back surgery syndrome treatment options are to involve injection, nerve block, or treatment that temporary pain. This medication needs you to take oral medicine to suppress pain or injected medication to achieve the same goal. To support this medication, an exercise to strengthen your muscle and relieve pain may also be added to the recovery program.

If the pain is not going on, the discectomy and neural decompression may be an option to you. This method visualizes the pain source that causing your pain, identifying it and recovering the area with the use of laser and various other tools.

Other method to failed back surgery syndrome treatment options is neuromodulation treatment called intrathecal drug delivery. Using catheter to deliver pain medication directly to the pain area, you can reduce medication and side effect. Many methods already implemented to patient who have failed back surgery syndrome, but the best thing to do is to prevent the syndrome to come.

To prevent failed back surgery syndrome, it’s important to get accurate diagnosis before you attempt the surgery to prevent any future problem. If the surgery has already implemented, you need to identify the pain source and give a corrective surgery to correct it. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Treatment Options will not be an option if the diagnose has been done properly.