The Best Foods Which Keep Your Diabetic Control

The Best Foods Which Keep Your Diabetic Control

If you are a diabetes patient, then it will be very difficult to choose the best food that contains ingredients that can help you control your diabetes level. You should try the best Travel which helps you to present other diseases like heart disease.

Here is list is given containing the best foods for diabetics:

1. Fish foods is fatty acids

Foods rich in fatty acids are very beneficial for diabetic patients as they decrease the risk of heart diseases and strokes. There are many foods which are rich in fatty acids e.g. fish, sardines etc. these foods are enriched with proteins and fatty acids and particularly beneficial for heart patients.

Even research shows that people who eat foods rich in fatty acids are at lower risk of getting heart problems e.g. strokes. Especially diabetic patients who are at an increased risk of heart problems should try to add fatty foods in their menu.

Fish is a great source of protein along with fatty acids. It decreases your appetite and increases metabolism.

2. Green vegetables

Green vegetables are enriched with healthy components. These almost contain all healthy ingredients e.g. rich in fibers, antioxidants, vitamin C etc.

Fibers are not easily digested in our stomach so they stay over there for a longer period of time. As a result, appetite is decreased and blood sugar level is maintained at a constant level.

Green vegetables also containing vitamin C, which is a healthy factor for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. The anti-oxidants present in these foods protein eyes from cataracts, which is the common problem amongst diabetic patients.

3. Cinnamon

It is a delicious spice. It contains very important properties as antioxidants. It also helps to reduce blood sugar level and improve insulin sensitivity.

Another method to determine average big sugar level is by measuring hemoglobin A1C.

Care must be taken while choosing branded cinnamon as some packets may contain increased amount of coumarone which is dangerous as it can cause heart diseases true cinnamon contains very less amount of coumarone which is very beneficial.

A research shows that people who use cinnamon has decreases blood sugar level than those who do not. Cinnamon also helps to control cholesterol level.Try to avoid cassia cinnamon (a special type of cinnamon) which is more harmful that its advantages.

4. Eggs

Eggs are the main source of proteins. Eggs are the food which fulfills your body requirements and makes you feel full for a longer time and you do not need to take anything for a longer period of time along with containing protein. These also contain anti-oxidants and characteristic properties of controlling blood sugar level and cholesterol level.

The main component is egg yolk so try to eat full egg. It improves insulin sensitivity, increases the good cholesterol level and decreases bad cholesterol.The anti-oxidants present in egg protect you from eye diseases, which is the major problem of diabetic patients.

5. Chia seeds

Chai foods are the best food for diabetic patients as these are full of fibers.

These fibers are more slowly through our digestive tract, so we feel full for longer time period. These also reduce the number of calories absorbed from our food. So help in reducing weight and make you slim.

Chia seeds decrease your blood sugar level so protect you from sudden fall in sugar level. Fibers present in chia seeds do not let your sugar level to rise up.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric is spice which is highly beneficial for diabetics. Its active ingredients are curcumin. But it is not absorbed well alone. Its absorption is increased in the presence of piperine which is found in the black paper.

Turmeric controls the blood sugar level and maintains it. It also protects diabetic’s damage from diabetes, which is the major problem of diabetics. It lowers inflammation.

7. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is a good choice for diabetics, because it is less in carbs and full of proteins and calcium. It improves the blood sugar control, makes bones stronger and reduces heart risks. It contains probiotics and conjugate loin oic.

Study have shown that Greek yogurt and other dairy products help in losing weight. As it contains protein so help in losing weight by reducing appetite. So decreases the input calories taken by individuals.

8. Nuts

Nuts are really delicious and advantageous because of many reasons. Nuts contain the lesser amount of digestible carbs and contain rich amount of protein and fibers.

Because of the presence of fibers, nuts also reduce appetite so helps to control weight. Most diabetics have the problem of obesity which leads to many other diseases. So, nuts help to cover these issue. It also controls the insulin level.There are many nuts e.g. peanut, hazelnut. These are easy to carry so can be eaten at any time.

9. Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is beneficial for heart patients as it does not coagulate in arteries. So does not affect the flow of blood as doe’s ghee/margarine.

Diabetes is at a higher risk of getting heart problem, but olive oil decreases this risk. It also reduces appetite. It also improves HDL and glycerides which are at risk levels in diabetics.

Study have shown that extra virgin olive oil is the only one to reduce heart disease. It also reduces appetite by increasing full hormone.

It also contains anti-oxidants named as polyphenols. These antioxidants decrease the blood pressure level and keep cholesterol at the normal level.

Extra virgin oil is not refined so its characteristic are retained in it as such, so it can perform well than other refined oils. So try to use it but be aware of money makers who mix other oil with olive.

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10. Flax seeds

These are very good for diabetics. It’s a marvelous food because of its properties it contains. These seeds contain lignans. These help to improve blood sugar control, prevent heart diseases, improve heart diseases and reduce appetite.

It improves the hemoglobin as that has been shown by a study. Its fibers content reduces the appetite and increases the feeling of fullness. So helps to control weight.

It also controls blood pressure and prevents blood clothing. So appetite with this disease is able to reduce the dosage if they take flax seeds.

As the flax seeds are not absorbed in the body. So avoid full seeds use them in ground form, either grind them at home or purchase it grind form. They also rancid in open environment, so store them in an airtight jar and at low temperature.

11. Apple cider vinegar

It has many health benefits. Although apple cider vinegar is made from apple but carbohydrate present in apple has been converted into acetic acid. Thus the number of carbs have been reducing even less than 1g/teaspoon.

It improves insulin sensitivity and blood sugar level. It makes you feel full as it slows down the movement of digestive food in the gut. So you can also reduce weight. It also reduces the number of calories absorbs from food taken along with it.

Its stomach emptying property might become a difficulty for type 1 diabetes patients as they already suffer from gastroparesis, a condition in which stomach emptying is delayed. Start just with 1 teaspoon mixed in water if you want to incorporate it into your diet. But do not cross more than 2 tablespoons/day.

12. Strawberries

Strawberry is very delicious and nutrition’s fruit. Its red color is because of anthocyanin’s which is and antioxidants.

This antioxidant has been shown to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar level. It also decreases the risk of heart diseases.

One cup of strawberries is full of calories and fibers. It also provides vitamin C, which has the additional property of heart health.

13. Garlic

It is a herb full of nutrition. It reduces the cholesterol and blood sugar level in type 2 diabetics. It also plays role in reducing blood pressure level.

Even a study shows that people with uncontrolled blood pressure consumed it for 12 weeks and their blood pressure was decreased by lo-point. One dove off it contains only 4 calories, so it does not cause an increase in weight.

14. Squash

It is a healthy vegetable. It has different summer and winter varieties pumpkin, acorn and butternut are winter varieties and have a hard shell around them. While summer varieties have a soft peel. Examples are zucchini and squash.

It contains anti-oxidants which regulate cholesterol and blood sugar level. It also decreases the risk of cataract but it’s winter variety contain more carbs than summer.

Research on animal shows that it reduces the weight and improves insulin sensitivity. Research on human shows that type 2 diabetes reduce blood sugar level after eating winter squash.

15. Shirataki noodles

Noodles are good for diabetes as well as for obesity. These noodles are made from konjac root. This is a plant which is grown in japan and then processed into the shape of noodles or rice. Glucomannan is its main components. It’s a viscous fiber. It also decreases hunger hormone.

These also control blood sugar level and decreases the risk of heart diseases. As these noodles contain very few calories, so does not cause an increase in weight.

These are packaged from containing the liquid with a fishy odor. So rinse them very well before use cooks them at high flame for several minutes.

16. Take home message

Constantly increasing blood sugar level might become a reason for many other diseases. So try to maintain it by having foods that help to reduce blood sugar level and improve insulin sensitivity.