Treat Osteoporosis with Kyphoplasty Osteoporosis Fracture Treatment

Treat Osteoporosis with Kyphoplasty Osteoporosis Fracture Treatment

Osteoporosis had long been known as a factor that can prevent from doing your daily activity as your back bones need much time to rest. To reduce the back pain that can occur from osteoporosis, a method called Percutaneous Vertebroplasty was founded in 1984.

A new method was found in 1998 by using a KyphX Inflatable Bone Tamp which is actually a balloon that can greatly reduce the pain that occurs. This is later called balloon kyphoplasty and serves as early treatment. This article will give you information about kyphoplasty osteoporosis fracture treatment which is done after balloon kyphoplasty can be used to sustain fractured vertebra.

The process of kyphoplasty osteoporosis fracture treatment is basically injecting cement like material into the fractured spine. The cement will stabilize the fractured back bones and will result in a great pain reduction.

But before doing kyphoplasty osteoporosis fracture treatment, your doctor will give you local or general anesthesia and then incised and inserted a tube which later than directed using fluoroscopy into near the damaged bones to perform a balloon kyphoplasty treatment. Balloon kyphoplasty treatment is basically inserting an inflatable balloon inside the fractured bones that will gently inflate and restore the original form of the cracked bones. The balloon then extracted and it will form a cavity inside the bone.

After the original spinal bones posture restored, your doctor later will inject the cement like fluid which called poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) into the cavity, which will quickly dry and hardened and stabilize the fractured bones. It will take an hour for the procedure to complete for each fractured vertebra.

However there are many procedure that you must do after getting a kyphoplasty procedure. The patient will later get observed in the observation room and maybe get some CT scan to see the spreading of the cement material. The rest is just getting bed rest as the cement adjust to your body.

Kyphoplasty osteoporosis fracture treatment is very advisable for elder people who just too frail and doesn’t allowed to do the open spinal surgery. It is also very safe for people who have weak bones and doesn’t allow doing the spinal surgery by their doctors. Osteoporosis which is caused by a long term uses of steroid also can be treated with kyphoplasty. The conclusion is kyphoplasty procedure is a very effective treatment for people who have osteoporosis as it can sustain the bones fracture and can greatly reduce back pain.