Male Celebrities With Jaw Implants In Korean K-Pop

Male Celebrities With Jaw Implants In Korean K-Pop

Jaw implant is able to change someone appearance dramatically. Male celebrities with jaw implants aren’t something new. Jaw implant can be done to beautify woman and man with cosmetic surgery procedure. For woman this jaw implant usually done by shape the jaw by cutting some bone in jaw area to make the jaw become sharper or it is popular with term V face. This strong jaw line is able to make the woman look more beautiful without the impression of masculine.

For man, this jaw implants is done to strengthen jaw line to make the face look so masculine. In Korea, cosmetic surgery is something common or even a must to do. Most of actresses and actors in Korea use cosmetic surgery to make their appearance become flawless. So, who are male celebrities with jaw implants in Korea?

Because celebrities in Korea are not admitting their cosmetic surgery, it is hard to gather the information is they doing jaw implant or not. As the viewer, you should be able to compare their photos and make a conclusion are they doing jaw implant or not.

For example, you can compare photo of Lee Min Ho and Jang Geun Seuk. Beside they look that they done jaw implant they also seems done nose surgery.

Jaw Implants Korean K-Pop

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If you are k-pop lovers, you must know Lee Min Ho. Well, who don’t know him? His appearance in Boys Before Flowers drama is so amazing. Lee min ho also becomes the most popular Korean actor in today’s Korean wave. There are some differences in his photo. The nose is sharpening and the jaw is sharpening too. In his old photo, he had a square face with pointed nose but now he look to have V face with sharp nose. So, it can be concluded that Lee min ho is the one of male celebrities with jaw implants.

Jang Geun Seuk, the main actor in You’re Beautiful drama also seems done jaw implant even he deny it. He said that it is the result of fat reduction in his face area.

Male celebrities with jaw implants are rich in number; especially in Korea even they will never admit it. There are many Korean actors that have very different appearance seeing by comparing their old photo with their today’s photo. Even the prove is very strong that they done cosmetic surgery procedure but they still saying that they never do cosmetic surgery and they are born naturally perfect.