Male Jaw Implants Procedures Steps

Male Jaw Implants Procedures Steps

Jaw implants, as known as jaw augmentation is commonly to do for correcting a small or an imbalanced jaw. Men who want to make his jaw looks even and have stronger jaw line sometimes take jaw implants to make their jaw look masculine as they want. There will be some steps to this kind of implant. Here are male jaw implants procedure steps that will be given to you.

Jaw implants are also called as gonial angle implants because they add the angle of the jaw. Even though it is common for men to have small jaw, but with augment the gonial angle can be make their face more masculine and balance. The most common material that is used in jaw implants is something called Medpor® which is more stable than silicone.

For further male jaw implants procedure steps will be discussed in follow. First step is you have to go to the surgeon that has skilled and knowledgeable about jaw implants. You should consult with your surgeon first about what you want with your jaw. It’s also important to make your surgeon know about your medical condition before taking jaw implants.

Then, before men get jaw implants, it is important to be rested well and have proper nutrition because eating well and drinking enough of water in the days or weeks before your surgery can help your immune system functioning properly. Your surgeon might be given you pre-surgery diet instructions to prepare you for the main procedure of jaw implants.

Male Jaw Implants Procedures

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After that, male jaw implants procedure steps will be performed. Jaw implant procedure may be performed individually or in combination with other cosmetic procedures. Usually, this procedure is performed under twilight or intravenous anaesthesia. Then, you will be sedated and be unconscious.

Then, let’s go to the main procedure. Generally, these implants will be placed through hidden incisions inside the mouth. And then, the jaw implants will be shaped to match the jaw line and to appropriate it tightly along that contour. Then, the implant will be placed with two to three titanium screws. This procedure will be repeated for the opposite side.

The incision will be closed in layers so that there will be a waterproof seal to keep the oral fluids out of the wound. These procedures usually take about one until two hours. It is actually take much longer than chin implants. Therefore, it is all of about male jaw implants procedures steps.