Mammoplasty – Breast Augmentation

Mammoplasty - Breast Augmentation

Breast AugmentationMammoplasty is the umbrella term for procedures ranging from augmenting, reducing, and modifying the breast(s). This time, our attention will be directed simply to the first type of mammoplasty, namely breast augmentation. In general, the procedure involves the method of, well, augmenting the breasts whose size is below average. But to some extent, breast augmentation also covers procedure to reshape the breasts that have been altered so that the looks or the feels to them may also somewhat change in accordance. The method usually relies on the use of implants that are inserted into the breasts, giving them a “fuller” shape and bigger size as a result.

Breast augmentation is considered a part of cosmetic surgery and it can be very helpful for individuals who have just undergone any form of mastectomy. The procedure is also beneficial for those who are born with defects on their breast or chest wall. However, in a lot more general sense, people can derive advantages from breast augmentation merely for the sake of esthetical achievement or so. Breast augmentation can be done surgically or non-surgically. If a patient is offered the second type of procedure, some device that can vacuum the area is placed on the recipient, effectively expanding the breast to the desired size.

Mammoplasty – Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast Augmentation Procedure

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Regarding the type of the implants used in breast augmentation, there are three kinds of material used for them:

  1. Saline implants which consist of mostly sterile saline solution,
  2. Silicone implants which are devised from silicone gel, and
  3. Alternative-composition implants which are implants made of varieties of fillers—these are no longer produced.

The purposes of breast augmentation can be divided into three major types:

  1. Primary reconstruction: The procedure is intended to replace the tissues of the breast that have been damaged for any reasons.
  2. Revision and Reconstruction: Intended to revise the outcome of the previous reconstruction.
  3. Primary augmentation: To augment the size, smoothen out the form, and to enhance the feel of the breasts.

Incision can be applied to any of these five areas:

  1. Inframammary – below the breasts
  2. Periareolar – along the areolas
  3. Transaxillary – on armpits
  4. Transumbilical – Incisions are made on the navel, directed toward the breasts above
  5. Transabdominal – On the abdomen, commonly followed by abdominoplasty.

Breast Augmentation Cost

Breast Augmentation Cost

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Other factors may affect the overall costs of breast augmentation but commonly, the procedure costs $3,694 for silicone implants and $3,308 for saline implants.

Potential Risks of Breast Augmentation

Implant rupture is perhaps the most-feared risk there is to breast augmentation. The implants may eventually reach their due expiration and when they leak and are finally deflated, revision surgery is called for. There is also a risk of capsular contracture, a condition in which body’s natural immune response reacts to the implants by isolating them. This will result in badly shaped breasts and not to mention painful backlash to the individual. This then is followed by the likelihood of platinum intoxication. Platinum is used as catalyst to turn silicone oil into its gel form and the element can trigger various ranges of allergic body response and perhaps other major diseases.