Microsurgery on the Spine Procedure, Cost and Risks

Microsurgery on the Spine Procedure, Cost and Risks

Microsurgery on the spine sounds like a very delicate thing ever existed. As a matter of fact, the procedure is indeed delicate and is done to treat delicate condition happened to the spine. The prefix “micro” on the term denotes how small and tiny the incision needed to apply for the surgeon to be able to perform the surgery. The incision measures to 1 inch in length.

Traditional or conventional surgical method for delicate spinal disorders requires incision measuring to more than 10 inch in length. Given how small the length is, you must then question what a surgeon needs to use to be able to incise an area with, right?

Well, operating microscope lends its ability to magnify the surface several times, giving the surgeons broader visualization to carry out their work. What are the benefits, you may ask. As the incision is only applied with such a length, surgeons can operate on a patient without having to disturb the surrounding area, which may further cause damage. Based on the fact that the incision is so small, recovering then takes shorter span; you can get back to work in no times. Microsurgery is also quite affordable as compared to traditional back surgery.

Microsurgery on the Spine Procedure

Microsurgery on the spine procedure is used to patients that suffer from several conditions. In herniated disc condition, microsurgery can help the surgeon to remove the ruptured disc materials without having to open up the back. Spinal stenosis sufferers can also derive benefits from this method as the treatment can reduce the pressure on the spine.

Spinal fusion can be carried out this way; a surgeon may insert a cage into the body through the incision and place the thing to help the spine fuse. Traditional approach also requires treatment for spinal deformities from the back and front. With microsurgery, a patient can be treated simultaneously without having to undergo two separate procedures.

Microsurgery on the Spine Cost

The procedure averagely costs $100