Various Balloon Kyphoplasty Procedure and Cost

Various Balloon Kyphoplasty Procedure and Cost

Balloon kyphoplasty procedure and cost varies depend on what is done. To help more understanding about surgery procedure, we need to pay attention step by step how balloon kyphoplasty executed. Kyphoplasty generally is spinal procedure to injected bone cement through a small hole in the skin into fractured bone to help relieving back pain caused by vertebral compression fracture.

Balloon kyphoplasty is performed by inserting balloon-like device into a channel created by a hand drill in fractured vertebrae. The balloon then inflated to normalize the high of vertebral body and correct kyphosis. This process will make a cavity inside the vertebral body.

When the balloon is inflated to maximum state and the cavity formed, the balloon removed and the bone cement injected to the balloon was. The injection of cement done in very low pressure to prevent cement leakages. The stabilized vertebral body will help reduce the patient’s pain after the surgery.

Patient mostly will feel relieve immediately after a couple of days. Balloon kyphoplasty procedure and cost estimated around 2,500 Euros in Europe, and in United States the cost varies from $8,100 – $16,000. Though procedure may not be too difficult, it’s involves a lot of special handling, skills and time that make the price getting higher.

Balloon kyphoplasty procedure and cost can differ from each patient as the vertebral fracture is not exactly the same on everyone. As its involving special handling and skill to executing the surgery, not mention how bad the bone fracture, it will cost differently from every case.

Balloon kyphoplasty can be executed to patient with osteoporosis, metastatic cancers, multiple myeloma or trauma. There so many people who suffering from vertebral fracture, leading them to feeling so much pain. About two-third of all vertebral fracture remain undiagnosed and untreated due to the difficulty to detected the symptom and the pain. To prevent this, some need to diagnosis the vertebral fracture earlier even if you do not have fracture yet or does not feel any pain, to allow more effective treatment.

Balloon kyphoplasty have already saving many people from pain due to vertebral fracture. And more than 500.000 patients have been successfully treated with this method. Patients who treated with this method proved had a similar quality of life that matched people without vertebral fracture. And that conclude my explanation about balloon kyphoplasty procedure and cost. I hope all my information can help you to overcome your disease.