Botox Injection Side Effects and The Way to avoid it

Botox Injection Side Effects and The Way to avoid it

Maybe you have heard that Botox injection is going to make you look so beautiful perfectly, but do you know about Botox injection side effects? If you do not know about it, this article is going to tell you about the side effects of Botox Injection and how to avoid the side effects if you want to keep using Botox. Interested to know more? If so, here we go!

Even though it makes you look so beautiful, there are some side effects that you have to know. First side effect that you may feel is blurred vision. Since it is injected in your face, it may affect your eyes and the muscle around the face. Besides, it is not only blurred vision, but also you will feel droopy eyelids, decreased eyesight, and maybe dry eyes.

Furthermore, it may be there side effects in your skin right in the injection site such as inflammation, infection, bleeding, redness, and maybe bruising. Usually, it is going to make your skin looks red, and it really hurts. Anyway, if you have a sensitive skin, the side effect can be more dangerous than before.

Other Botox injection side effects that you may feel are faintness and dizziness. Sometimes, it also makes you hard to breath, and it makes you get asthma. Normally, the Botox injection side effects make you feel unhealthy and it is going to bother your life. So, tell your doctor if you feel the side effects.

Botox Injection Side Effect Avoid

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The important thing that you have to know, Botox injection side effects should be felt just for a minute. If you feel the side effects more than an hour, it means there is something problem with your Botox. Just call the doctor immediately and ask the problem that you are feeling whether it is dizziness or faintness.

The happy news is you can avoid the side effects if you want to keep using Botox. The first thing that you have to do is choose the best medical Botox injection. The professional doctor will discuss about the side effect you might feel, and give some advice especially for you, lodge maribaya.

Another thing to avoid side effect of Botox injection is you should be injected antibiotic. It makes you avoid the side effects, and makes you become more comfortable. Therefore, those are about Botox injection side effects and the way to avoid the side effects that you have to know.