Cheek Augmentation Before And After Radiesse Proves It Is Effective

Cheek Augmentation Before And After Radiesse Proves It Is Effective

Cheek Augmentation Before And After Radiesse Proves It Is Effective – Have you ever heard about radiesse? Radiesse is popular in cosmetically procedure. If you are interested in cheek augmentation but you hate scalpel and surgery room, you can try cheek augmentation by radiesse. The picture of cheek augmentation before and after radiesse shows a dramatically effect. It changes a flat cheek become volume cheek, somehow it is amazing. If you still don’t get what is cheek augmentation and what is radiesse, here a little information for you.

Cheek augmentation is a procedure to add the volume in the cheek and prevent your cheek’s skin from being loose. This procedure is usually done by planting silicon in cheek bone by cosmetic surgery. But, the problem is not everyone is brave enough to do surgery procedure. Moreover in some cases a failed cosmetic surgery even change someone’s face become worse and it is obviously frustrating.

Cheek augmentation before and after radiesse give some proves that this way is effective to make your cheek look better. Collagen in radiesse helps your skin to prevent damage in your skin because collagen contains protein that is very useful to keep skin amazing and prevent the skin in getting bad.

Next is about what actually radiesse is? Radiesse is a serum that is injected to cheek to help skin produce more collagen that is badly needed for keep the skin elastic and ageless. So, if you want to do cheek augmentation but you do not want to experience the surgery, radiesse can be your solution. This serum of radiesse will be injected to your cheekbone and give your cheek more collagen to keep you ageless.

Cheek Augmentation Before After Radiesse

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Collagen is a protein that is already produced by our body, 20 – 30% protein in our body is produced by collagen. But sadly this production of collagen will be decreased 1,5% per year when your age reach 25 years old. The decreasing of collagen makes your skin starting loose, lose the elastically, and produce wrinkled.

To satisfy yourself in seeing the result of cheek augmentation by radiesse, you can take some photo with the theme cheek augmentation before and after radiesse and see how your cheek is changed.

Hopefully, this little knowledge about cheek augmentation before and after radiesse will adding your knowledge and helps you to find the way out from your dilemma in doing cheek augmentation. Always have a consultation with your doctor before decide the method to be used in doing cheek augmentation.