Gummy Bear Breast Implants, Safer and Better

Gummy Bear Breast Implants, Safer and Better

Have you heard about the liquid breast implant case that is broken and then spread as the poison to the whole body? That case then guides many doctors specialist plastic surgery to look for a material that is safe and can substitute the function of that implant. As the result, the doctors found a material like a gummy that is called gummy bear breast implants.

The silicon that is used to beautify the breast shape of the women is just like a gel on the gummy bear. But if it is broken, it will be stable on the place, not spread a poison to the whole is safer to apply. The previous material is saline. This kind of breast implant has a crucial bad effect. If it is filled over, it will develop, make a wave, and get harder.

Gummy bear breast implant has a quite smooth elasticity. It can be shaped and felt like breasts, and will not deflate. This gel implant has a cohesive strong power and it is the fifth breast implant that is taken as a trial. Now it has been allowed to produce in big amount and sold massively.

This material has been the newest trend in the beauty field. The implant that recently has got a legal permission of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in United States is claimed as the second beast in the world. It is because its strong shape and it is not easy to be broken. The texture is also smoother and more natural than saline.

Gummy Bear Breast Implant

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The more important is, this gummy bear breast implant is not easy to cause a gel migration. It has the most minimum leak risk. As what Dr. Grant Stevans, a specialist plastic surgery in California said, the implant will not widen to anywhere although you cut it.

Since it is introduced as the part of esthetic surgery in 2006, the demand of breast implant increases significantly. According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2011 the breast augmentation is the second highest esthetic operation that is done by women in the world.

That is all a brief review of gummy bear breast implant. If you want to make a good shape of your breasts, you can take this material plastic surgery. It is safer and will not place you in a danger when someday it is broken. Moreover, it is more natural and smoother so that it will look like the real breasts as what you have imagined before.