The Types of Plastic Surgery

The Types of Plastic Surgery

The Types of Plastic Surgery – Everyone hates being ugly; that’s a given, just saying. Everybody wishes to improve their looks and plastic surgery is there to give them just what they ask: Perfection. Okay, all seriousness aside, The Types of Plastic Surgery are divided into some based on the body location upon which the procedure takes place. An operation done across the vicinity your tummy is called abdominoplasty because that site is medically called abdomen. Get it? Don’t mistake it for the mammoplasty-we’ll get to that in a minute. So, proper introduction is certainly called for so that you don’t get onto an operation table without knowing what it really is that the surgeon is about to perform on you.

Abdominoplasty – Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck, anyone? Really? Nobody ever heard about this? Okay, so you hate that flabby tummy you have. So you wail through your restless night over how gigantic your tummy is-darned those fats! Getting excess of fats stacked around your tummy sure is nothing short of annoying. So, here is one for you: Abdominoplasty, a heavenly intervention through the surgeon’s hands in which your “over-the-top” tummy gets firmed thanks to the removal of fats and skin so the tummy of yours appears tighter.

Blepharoplasty – Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty - Eyelid Surgery

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The act of operating on eyelids is as somewhat weird as it is equally important-to some extent, at least. There are many obstructions can turn up around one’s eyelids such as fats (again) piling up around the site of one’s eyelids. Physiological impairment is also another subject causing the necessity of having a blepharoplasty. That being said, it doesn’t mean people will do it only out of medical requirements. Meet Asian blepharoplasty, ladies and gents, a plastic surgery done on someone’s eyelids that are previously without crease to make them appear “with crease”. Wait, what?

Mammoplasty – Breast Augmentation

This is perhaps the most favorite for women and, needless to say, men. Mammopasty includes augmentation, reduction, and lifting. Breast augmentation (a.k.a. boob job) is a mammoplasty performed on women with micromastia; that is, breasts of below-average size. Breast reduction is done to women and (as strange as this may sound, it’s an actual medical case, people!) men suffering gigantomastia; that is, as you may have guessed, breasts of above-average size. Breast lift is performed to those who have their breast saggy due to weight loss.

Lip Enhancement – Lip Fillers

Lip Enhancement - Lip Fillers

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Lip enhancement is a procedure to give a person a full shape of lips by, well, enlarging them. Hey, some prefer having their lips in average proportion, some love flaunting their Angelina Jolie-inspired lips; who are we to judge?

Rhinoplasty – Nose Job

Both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty are done to those who want their nose repaired after suffering some trauma to the nasal area or simply because they want to.

Rhytidectomy – Face Lift

Rhytidectomy is a plastic surgery that comprises two major groups: midface lift and browplasty. Midface lift is an act to tighten the skin of the cheek while browplasty involves elevating eyebrows and smoothing the skin of the forehead.