Take a Lesson from the Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery

Take a Lesson from the Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery

The top American singer and songwriter, actress and the sister of Jessica Simpson are having the plastic surgery to remove the bump from her nose. Joe Simpson as her father state that there are real problems with the breathing and after she does the plastic surgery, the big problem is cured.

Ashlee Simpson plastic surgery had done in 2006, she downsize her Roman style nose. At the US Weekly, she is admit that she do the rhinoplasty treatment. As everyone notice, the biggest change after she do the plastic surgery is the convex nasal bridge is being change into a relatively straight bridge.

She accomplished the straight bridge by cutting the cartilage and the bone of the bridge off. These actions leave an open space of nasal bone that is closed surgically with the controlled fracture of the nasal bone inward. So, for the result from the Ashlee Simpson plastic surgery is the nose can be narrower and smaller nose that go along well with the straight profile. Because the bump is being removed, the tip of her nose is appearing rotate upward. Her tip has also been refining by debunking some of the tip cartilage.

Take Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery

Image Credit: Eonline.com

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, as the Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills make a statement about the Ashlee Simpson plastic surgery, he said that according bad make up, Ashlee’s chin is slightly broader than it used to be, leading to suspicion that she had a chin implant that being placed in an attempt to create a softer look.

In the other hand, the chin implants are often used when they do the rhinoplasties in order to balance out the face with the nose, which leads to scrutinize the nose. If it’s only from the front angle, it’s difficult to say if anything else has been done to the nose, it looks like the tip and columella of Ashlee’s nose has been lifted up.