Face Liposuction – Procedure, Cost & Risk

Face Liposuction - Procedure, Cost & Risk

Face Liposuction – One thing about diet and exercise: They are not always as reliable as what advocates often promote. You want a proof? Can you tell how much running on a treadmill will do to your face? Or weightlifting, other than giving you that weird face upon lifting tons of weight, can weightlifting be reliable to remove the fat on your face and make it all the a bit pointy rather than saggy? No, right? Forget your tummy, your flabby arms, your slightly deformed back and cellulite-prone thighs; they all have their own share and treatments to give to. What about the fats on your face? Your fatty cheeks will not match that six-pack abdomen you have sculpted with so much care and attention. Your bulgingly hung chin is not a perfect companion for your intensely carved pecs. There must be something to do to them, too, right, in order that your appearance can be perfected in every way possible?

Fortunately, there is a special method devoted to the face full of fat, so you can sit back and relax enjoying immense attraction from others. Face liposuction may not be as popular as regular liposuction. But its contribution to an individual’s increase self-confidence can only be proven by actually taking the procedure anyway. The impact is great enough that you can start seeing life in a much lighter and brighter point of view. Face liposuction is categorized as cosmetic surgery not only because it involves surgeons messing around with your face but also because it is intended to make you appear more beautiful afterwards. And just so you know, esthetic is not the only reason one may undergo face liposuction, though. There might be a lot of health benefits from it. Can you imagine how unhealthy it would be to have fats chunking around your face?

Face Liposuction Procedure

Face Liposuction Procedure

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Face liposuction is done on parts of the face whereupon fats are commonly seen lumped: chin-cheek and jaw. It can also involve removing the fats from the neck. Surgeon will use cannulas with smaller size and appropriate precision to suck the unwanted fats out the area. The extracted fats would be deposited inside another container. Prior to this, surgeon will make a small incision to access the area. The method can also be joined with inserting an implant to tighten the treated part.

Face Liposuction Cost

The average price for a face liposuction procedure is $2,375

Face Liposuction Risk

Face Liposuction Risk

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There are risks to face liposuction an individual must consider before taking it:

  • Bumpy skin due to uneven application of treatment
  • Sunken cheeks, especially when that area is over-suctioned
  • Aged-skin, appearance of unnaturally aging skin