Laser Liposuction for Men – Procedure & Cost

Laser Liposuction for Men - Procedure & Cost

Laser Liposuction for Men – True; beauty is a thing much related to women. They are the creatures who place beauty on top of priority. Looking good at all time is their primary concern. Sure, there is nothing wrong in that, though. Humans are like being born with instinctual reflex to retain their looks to stay on top of the game. But don’t get it wrong, though. Seeing a man tends to his appearance is something common too, these days. Men also turn into creatures that devote sizeable amount of their time to groom their body, and when they see a great lump of fat occupying most of their belly area, they might get hysterical. What happens next is we then see there are insurmountable numbers of men entering beauty clinic, asking for beauticians to deal with their bulging abdomen.

As is the case with women-oriented liposuction, liposuction for men also directs the treatment on how to remove a great deal of fats from the abdominal area. The method does not vary in a great way, though. It involves liquefying the stacked fat inside the abdomen and subsequently sucking out the excess. The procedure varies, though, depending on which method causes the least discomfort on the patient as well as which one is the more suitable for individual case. Sometimes, manually inserting cannula into the layer of fat and moving the device forward and backward do the job as the fat would then liquefy and get sucked into a vacuum attached to the cannula. In other cases, using ultrasound energy will create a possible liposuction process with less incision. The energy will eventually liquefy the fat and then suction is applied to the liquid fat for disposal.

Laser Liposuction Procedure

Laser Liposuction Procedure

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If you are a man interested in giving a liposuction procedure a shot, then laser liposuction for men is perhaps the most recommended procedure to take. With laser-assisted liposuction, there is only so little contacts made toward the skins, organs, or other body features that otherwise would get damaged using other conventional methods. Risks can be significantly decreased using this method.

The laser is delivered through an apparatus shaped like a pen or something. The exposure to the laser will ultimately trigger the fat cells to break and release the fatty oils. The fat cells will also be in a state where it is possible for the surgeon to remove them subsequently. The benefit of laser liposuction can also be viewed from this step: It reaches deep down the bottommost part of fat layers without actually opening the abdomen at all. However, as this layer also possesses blood vessels, bleeding can still occur, which would then be treated by the laser by directly coagulating the leaks onsite.

The laser will then be focused on the superficial layer below the skin to promote development of new skin cells. The procedure is then wrapped when surgeon remove the parts of fat cells and oils.

Laser Liposuction Cost

The average cost of laser liposuction for men is $4,425