Laser Spine Surgery Procedure, Cost and Risks

Laser Spine Surgery Procedure, Cost and Risks

Laser Spine Surgery – Do you often find it difficult to bear with the pain on your back regularly? Does the pain go back and forth; sometimes it is there, sometimes it is nowhere to be found? Yes, back pain is undoubtedly something that is hard to deal with. It is there, it is somewhere around your back but it seems to vanish every time you plan to put an end to it only to find it appear on an area different from before.

If the pain that you feel ranges from mild to average, it may be possible for you to withstand the torture. But the torment will build up as the time passes by and you are then left with nothing else than resorting to medications. Drugs are inevitably beneficial for you to keep the pain at bay but they can only do so much. Once you have reached your limit, drugs are no longer your friends. You can still take them but with the risk of plunging yourself into another unlikable likelihood: Addiction. So what to do, then?

Laser Spine Surgery Procedure

Take yourself to the nearest orthopedic. You will be examined thoroughly until there are no other possibilities left uncovered. By letting yourself examined by the doctors, you can reduce the risk of suffering from escalating pain that may or may not be able to be warded off by simple pain killers. However, you must be aware of the likelihood that a surgery is then the procedure called for by the doctors. Hey, maybe, it’s nothing. Maybe your condition demands you to undergo a surgery so that the pain can be eliminated.

Now, now; surgery sure is a strong word nobody likes to hear. After all, it is a thing involving someone opening your body up and surgeons digging into your back. But if that is a necessity, then why not go for that? You can hope for betterment afterward. If you are too afraid of surgery, laser spine surgery is something for you. It involves utilization of laser so that there will be nothing left on your body, not even a tiny scar. The laser will cut off the nerve endings so that you will not feel any pains from the procedure. The size of the disk of your spine will be decreased to reduce the pressure and relieve your spine.

Laser Spine Surgery Cost

The average cost of laser spine surgery is $30,000.

Potential Risks of Laser Spine Surgery

  • Aseptic Diskitis: Inflammation of the disk of the spine that is not caused by infection.
  • Septic Diskitis: The flipside of the above inflammation.