Non-Surgical Nose Job Risks

Non-Surgical Nose Job Risks

Nose is one of important parts in your face. You can’t breathe without nose. Maybe you can use your mouth, but you will not do it for a long time. Besides the function, there is another important of the nose, it’s the shape. Yeah, the shape affects people who has it. If they are unhappy with their nose shape, it will affect their self-confidence. Sometimes they consider to have nose surgery to reshape their nose and make it better, but they also try another way to reshape it by non-surgical nose job. Although having nose surgery is recommended, there are still many people use non-surgical nose job to change the shape of their nose. This article will describe the non-surgical nose job risks.

The first risk is bruising. Doctors recommend the nose surgery than non-surgical nose job because there are too many non-surgical nose job risks you can get. However, doing nose surgery is safer and give you guarantee for the result than non-surgical one. Although bruising with non-surgical is usually minimal, the possibility being bruising is still open.

The next risk in The Non-Surgical Nose Job Risks article is pain. If we compare nose surgery and non-surgical nose job, nose surgery is less painful procedure than another one. Because the dermal fillers contain an anesthetic, the area is numb 1 to 2 hours, but there may be an initial “pinch” felt at the point of injection. Discomfort after doing non-surgical nose job usually happens but it will not take a long time, just a few hours.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Risk

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After that, swelling is another risk. Non-surgical nose job usually leaves some swelling around the injection site. It is normal and usually recovers for around 2 weeks. After it recovers, some irregularities in your nose shape may appear, but you can give some gently massage to resolve the problem, pulau cinta.

The last risk is adverse reactions. Although it is uncommon, there is still a chance to get adverse reactions like skin injury, skin irregularity, or infection. Although most of the patient rarely get these adverse reactions after the treatment, it may happens such as redness or irritation on your skin, especially in the injection site.

That’s all information in The Non-Surgical Nose Job Risks article. You may choose the non-surgical procedure to reshape your nose to make it looks better, but you have to know that it still has some risks for you, so you know the advantages and the disadvantages of it. Thank you for reading.