Looking Closer to Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery News

Looking Closer to Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery News

Sarah Jessica Parker was born on March 25, 1965 in Nelsonville, Ohio. Starting from the early age, she started to take lessons about singing and ballet. Later on, she was a cast in the Broadway revival of William Archibald’s: The Innocents. Not too long after that, she and her family are moved to Dobbs Ferry, near the New York City. Starting from this moment, because the support of her mother and stepfather she is started her career as a child actress. She becoming the center of the Hollywood entertainment world after starring in The Sex and The City and becoming the main actress in this very phenomenal and famous television program, but at the same time, there are some news about Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery.

Honestly speaking, most of the Sex and the City star has been in the middle plastic surgery news and in no time Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery is become the famous spreading rumors. Since she came into the limelight of the Hollywood, she has undergone a nose job. The fans and the viewer is judging from her old photos and have their opinions that she had the drastic transformation, because her nose is much smaller and the thinner bridge part.

Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery News

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The obvious thing from the Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery news is she had a Botox injection. The other people and the viewer had an opinion that the Botox is the big help to make her, the 49 years old actress still looking so youthful glow. In the other hand, she says that she won’t do the plastic surgery to her hands just because the mocking nickname “The Witch Hand” that people gave to her. Even though she strongly denies the plastic surgery news and say the statement that she had no Botox, no collagen, she just having lines and insists all of herself is being her natural beauty.