Safe Way for How to Treat a Bulging Disc in Lower Back

Safe Way for How to Treat a Bulging Disc in Lower Back

Bulging disc have other known name. Some people prefer to call it herniated disc. This condition happened because the bone joint protection shifted and expose sensitive part of spinal bone. How to treat a bulging disc in lower back may involve many things and mostly cause additional pain. The treatment that used can be independent if you know enough about spinal ones and several exercise that can be used as therapy. This exercise can be invented based on your condition and observation. The result of independent therapy can be as good as orthopedist therapy if you do the exercise carefully.

You may want to be supervised by an orthopedist while doing your own treatment. Make a move that have effect on your spine. The effect should be focused on stretching and adjusting spine to the right position. In severe situation this kind of treatment wouldn’t work, since the spine will just back to the bad position after you stretch. You will need some realigning method to make your spine back to its original position. The method is related to mattress then sleeping position. Select hard mattress makes the realigning process easier. Your weight is used to press the spine. This treatment will be uncomfortable and add some pain on your back.

After several week of hard mattress your spine will be back to the good position. Combination of pressing, mild workout and stretching is how to treat a bulging disc in lower back. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t do t too much since it may cause severe back injury. You should check how it feel every time you work out, if after two weeks you get no change you should drop it and go to orthopedist you will be examined and some suggestion will be made.

Orthopedist usually has some kind of device to make your back pain relieved. The device is called spinal decompression that applies pressure and relaxing wave to make your back feels better. You can use this treatment to give your back pain better shape so you can do some stretching that make the healing faster.

Take some advice about position and how you should do your stretch. You should also consult your sleeping and sitting posture with orthopedist. Their advice is useful to make the back pain never comes back to you. Using orthopedist to answer how to treat a bulging disc in lower back is much safer than other type of treatment.