Take a Lesson from the Tyra Banks Plastic Surgery Case

Take a Lesson from the Tyra Banks Plastic Surgery Case

Tyra Banks, American famous actress, author, television personality and the former model, became the talk of the world because she is rumored doing the nose job. The Tyra Banks plastic surgery word is spreading everywhere, in any media.

In the beginning of her career, they have a presumption that she doing the plastic surgery about her nose. Because her nose used to be round, bigger, more flat with a wider bridge and in addition she has the bulbous tip, and now the Tyra’s nose looks so much thinner, narrower with the fine bridge and it’s obviously less round and bulbous at the tip part.

Even though Tyra Banks never said about her plastic surgery news, the doctors and the experts had discussed this news and have their individual opinion. There is the plastic surgeon stated that the news about Tyra Banks plastic surgery must be absolutely right. He thinks that she had a rhinoplasty and the lip augmentation if they are looking closely at her old image.

Tyra Banks Plastic Surgery Case

Image Credit: Afterplasticsurgery.com

The other plastic surgeon agrees with this statement and adding that she must be had the breast augmentation too. The plastic surgeon says that her surgeon did a very good job with the rhinoplasty action and still managed to maintain her unique looks.

Despite of the Tyra Banks plastic surgery news that keep spreading, Tyra Banks become a founder of T – Zone organization, the social organization that helping the others to build their self – esteem and the confidence of girls and the young woman. It’s her noble mission to get girls to realize their inner and outer beauty and surely have a great self – esteem about them both. She wants the others is realize that the flaw some is the one with her body and soul. Become flaw some is being flossy, amazing and stay being awesome with their flaws and celebrate it as the part of ourselves.