How Ultherapy Facelift without Surgery Works

How Ultherapy Facelift without Surgery Works

The age that is getting older and the bad lifestyle such as smoking, late sleep, and drinking alcohol sometimes become the main factors that make your skin worse and look older than our other body parts. To keep your skin in a good condition, ultherapy facelift without surgery is created. This treatment is not like the other treatments that are done by surgery.

This treatment, that is usually called Ulthera, is a USG non-invasive treatment to avoid the age effect and skin gravitation. Are you curious how this treatment can be done without surgery? This is the review how actually the treatment works.

Ultherapy facelift without surgery only needs 30 minutes to be done. This is believed can make the skin get better by stimulating collagen growth. The work of this treatment is almost the same as the procedure in other USG, that is by placing the applicator on the skin that will give low level warm effect.

Only with one action, regenerative process will be started and the result will be shown little by little after 2 – 3 months. That result will be endured for about 1 to 2 years, that depends on the patient’s lifestyle. So if you want to keep it longer, you have to change your bad habits.

How Ultherapy Facelift without Surgery

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The treatment is suitable for any ages from 20 until 70 years old. This is also not only for women but also for men. It is so perfect treatment right? By being good for any ages and both men and women, this treatment is guaranteed to have more good effects than its badness.

Ultherapy facelift without surgery is claimed that is can make the patient’s skin will look 10 years younger than he or she is. When doing the treatment, you will feel as if you do acupuncture, but it is not like that. That is caused by USG energy that works on the tissue skin so that your skin will be tighter. The side effect of this treatment is only temporary, for instance there will be red spots on your skin.

The side effect will be different one to another. But mostly that only appears in 2 until 3 days. After that your face will be normal as it is. That is the brief review of how ultherapy facelift without surgery works. Now you can move to the healthy way to make your old skin be younger without do any surgery.