The Procedure of Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

The Procedure of Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

A wish to have a good eyelid is the most often problem that is usually shared by a patient to the doctor specialist plastic surgery in Asia. Not only women patients but also the men ones. The reason is, besides to beautify the eyelids, also because there is no eyelid on the ethnic oriental type. How is the procedure to solve that problem? Here is the procedure of upper and lower eyelid surgery or people usually call it blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty is not categorized as the complicated operation technique. The operation needs time more or less an hour. The principle in doing this surgery is throwing the over fat in the area is planned as the eyelid to be, reducing the over skin of the area too, and attaching the left skin in the tarsus (the tissue in the eyelid base).

There are several secrets that become a guide for the doctor in doing upper and lower eyelid surgery to reach the best result in getting the beautiful and fresh eyelid. The secrets are explained in 5 ā€œSā€. They are shape, size, slant, symmetry, and scar. The last secret means the scar will be as invisible as possible.

Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

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During the operation procedure, the eyelid needs to be evaluated regularly to get a good accuracy and precision. Besides, the sameness of both eyelids is also important to evaluate. Even there will be no perfection on both, but the difference of both is struggled to be so minimum.

The skin on the eyelid is the thinnest skin in the body parts, with a thickness only 1 mm. The upper eyelid also has the loose skin tissue. Every scar will be created well because there is no skin tension during the closing and healing scar process. In the case of upper and lower eyelid surgery, the scar will be covered by sewing technique inside the skin so that it gives a comfort and does not give any scar. In seven days after the surgery, when the strength of the tissue has reached 80%, the sewing can be released healthy diet.

That is all a brief discussion about the procedure of upper and lower eyelid surgery. This kind of surgery is usually done by the people who are ethnic oriental, they do not have any eyelid at the very first beginning. That is why they do this surgery to have the beautiful eyelid based on the 5 secrets of this operation; shape, size, slant, symmetry, and scar.