Valeria Lukyanova Plastic Surgery: When Barbie Comes Alive

Valeria Lukyanova Plastic Surgery: When Barbie Comes Alive

Having the obsession to look extremely beautiful, along with the desire to appear like what certain characters look like is accused to be the main reason of humans’ physically and psychologically hurt. Or not. Take a look at Valeria Lukyanova surgery. She’s been obsessed in having a Barbie look. She’s wanted it so bad to live the rest of her life in her role figure world. The many procedures she has been through and of course the pain she’s had to bear all this time has finally taken her to this point when everybody calls her as human Barbie.

Beauty is pain, they say. But the statement doesn’t seem to take down Lukyanova’s deepest dream. Lukyanova is a Ukraine model. Was born 29 years ago, she seemed totally when she turned 17. She still had the look of natural European grown-up girl. It was all felt okay, until she shockingly decided to get her face and body done. Her transformation doesn’t stop in just remaking what looks less pretty; she wants to be like Barbie. With her current blonde hair, green eye color, and unbelievably 19-inch waist, real-life Barbie finally exists; it’s all performed in Valeria Lukyanova plastic surgery.

Valeria Lukyanova Plastic Surgery Barbie

Image Credit: @dvane06

The term of human Barbie and real-life Barbie has been surfacing the whole world because of the surprising Valeria Lukyanova cosmetic surgery. People said the surgery was a very extreme choice. However, Lukyanova has done it. She’s proved huge amount of people that the pain and talks do not make her afraid of making her wish come true. Though, yes, it sounds scary and Lukyanova seems to be out of her mind; she eventually nails it. With her never-ending exercise and treatment to stay in shape and look flawless, so it is how it feels like when Barbie comes alive.