26 Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence Based

26 Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence Based

People with fat in their body too much worried to lose weight and they do many things told by their friends, colleagues, and other persons. But most these things are useless and behind them, they have no evidence.

Some years ago scientist researched and they found many things that are very useful and effective.

Here are some actual evidence-based weight loss tips.

1. Drink water, especially before the meal

Drinking water at the perfect time is very useful to lose weight and it can boost 24-30% metabolism in 1-1.5 hours, drinking water helps you to burn more calories.

Research shows that a half hour before meals about half a liter of water help those who are dieting and eating low calories and it lost 44% more calories.

2. Eat Eggs before breakfast

Eating eggs have more benefits even it helps you to lose weight.

Research shows that eating eggs for breakfast helps you to eat low calories for the next 36 hours and it also helps to lose body fat and weight loss. Instead of eating grain base breakfast. If you have any reason and you can’t eat eggs then don’t need to be worried you can eat any kind of quality protein and it will work too.

3. Drink coffee

It is a common thought that coffee has disadvantages. But this is wrong. A quality coffee has many advantaged as it contains many important ingredients which help us to lose weight. As it contains caffeine which boosts up metabolism and fat burning process in increased up to 10-29%. As a result, weight loss process is speeded up.

But if you add sugar or other ingredients then this will not help you to burn calories. Then you are not going to get any benefit from coffee.

4. Drink Green Tea

Just like coffee green tea also has many advantages. One of the advantages is weight loss. Although the amount of caffeine is very low in green tea but it contains many important antioxidants. These are called catechins, and these work synonymously caffeine in fat burning process. so green tea will help you in losing weight.

5. Cook with coconut oil

Coconut oil is very beneficial as it contains a special type of fats. These fats are different from each other fats as these contains medium chain triglycerides. These speed up the rate of the fat burning process by 120 calories per day. It also helps in reducing appetite. But try to avoid adding coconut oil to your already cooked food. Because this is not going to help you in reducing weight. This will be advantageous if another oil is replaced by it.

6. Take a glucomannan supplement

Glucomannan is a specialist type of fiber present in supplements. It helps is in reducing weight at a faster rate, because it absorbs water and stays in our gut for a few time. Due to this, feed full and appetite is reduced.

7. Cut back on added sugar

Sugar is very harmful to those people who are on diet. Because it contains very high calories instead of losing weight. Excess sugar has many other disadvantages like it can cause diseases e.g diabetes, and heart diseases. If someone really wants to lose weight that person should completely avoid sugar even health foods with sugar.

8. Fatless refined carbs

Refined carbohydrates are these whose nutritious and fibrous part has been removed. These are usually sugar or grains. These increase blood sugar level rapidly. It leads to hunger and increases the desire for food. The result is obesity. Try to take carbohydrates with their natural fiber.

9. Use smaller plates

People who use smaller plates automatically eat fewer. Their calorie intake in fewer than others. It seems to be weird but it really works.

10. Go on a low carb diet

Try to take low carb diet as it will help you to lose weight in the same way like low-fat diet. It also helps in improving your health.

11. Exercise portion control or count calories

Taking a count of calories could be helpful in losing weight. Studies show that by noting down what you eat will help you to control weight.

12. Keep healthy food around in case you get hunger

Try to keep something with you, so that you could eat that when you feel hungry. In this way, you would likely to avoid unhealthily and fatty food items e.g. you could carry some nuts and fresh fruits and boiled eggs.

13. Brush your teeth after dinner

Try to Brush your teeth after dinner. This will help you to keep your teeth healthy and will decrease your temptation for snakes.

14. Eat spicy foods

Spicy foods contain a special compound that helps you to reduce your appetite and also boosts up metabolism.

15. Do aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are the best way to burn calories. It especially helps you to reduce belly fat because it increases metabolism and saves you from many diseases.

16. Lifting weights

Dieting dies also has it’s side effects. As it slows down metabolism which causes muscle loss. The only way to avoid this to take some exercise like lifting weights. Because such exercises keep your metabolism high and protect you from muscle loss.

17. Eat more fiber

Fiber helps to control weight. There is some special type of fiber which helps you control weight over long term e.g. viscous fiber.

18. Advantages of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables are very easy to carry, easy to eat. It takes a few time to chew them. These contain many fibers, minerals and a long amount of water. These also help you to lose weight. So these are beneficial because of many reasons.

19. Chew more slowly

The brain takes some time to make it sure that something is being eaten. If you chew something for something then this will help you to take fewer calories. This leads to weight loss.

20. Get Good Sleep

Healthy food and exercise are not just enough to be healthy. Good sleep is equally important but people ignore this. People who do not have a good sleep become obese.

21. Beat your food addiction

If you can’t control your eating habit, then you won’t be able to lose weight. So, first of all, you come over your this habit you would be able to do other things as well.

22. Eat more protein

While talking about losing weight, the first thing comes to mind is to take protein in food. Because it increases the rate of metabolism and decreases appetite. It even controls the thoughts about food and controls the desire for late night snakes. So by taking protein you can easily reduce your weight effectively.

23. Supplement with whey protein

If you want to take protein in your diet then a supplement will help you while doing this. As this increases the rate of metabolism so weight loss process is boosted up.

24. Don’t drink calories, including sugary soda and fruit juices

Liquid sugar is worse than sugar for people who are on diet.

In modern diet, this is only ingredients which cause fattening. The beverages and soft drink 60% increased the risk of obesity. Fruit juice also contains sugar amount greater than fruits. So try to take smaller amount or completely avoid.

25. Eat whole, single ingredient foods

Single food is a real food and does not contain a long list of ingredients. It simply helps you to lose weight. These food does not let you put on weight.

26. Don’t diet, eat healthy instead

Dieting causes the deficiency of many imported ingredients in your body. It is a predictor of gaining weight in future. Because diet does not work for long term, so instead of doing a diet. Try to be healthy and fit. Try to take healthy, so that your body may nourish in the healthy environment and does not get deprived of important ingredients.