Physical Therapy after Kyphoplasty Can Heal You Faster

Physical Therapy after Kyphoplasty Can Heal You Faster

Getting a kyphoplasty surely will improve your mobility and your life quality. You can do many things that you can’t do when you still got the fractured spinal bones. Your severe back pain will also greatly reduce and you got your spinal posture back. But before you can achieve all of that, you should do some physical therapy after kyphoplasty. Physical therapy will give your fractured bones and the cement enough exercise to adjust itself to one another.

For 24 hours after you get kyphoplasty procedure, doctor will asked you to get a bed rest. You can go to the bathroom but in a very careful way. For the following day, try to exercise your muscles by gradually walking. It will very helpful for your body to adjust the cement that is inserted into the fractured bones. Normally, a sore pain will occur near the area where the cement is inserted. Get some icepack for 15 minutes to relieve the sore but remember to use a cloth as a protection for your skin because the surgery wound has not closed very well.

Physical therapy after kyphoplasty can be done one month after the procedure completed. Your wound still fragile and doing therapy only inhibit the healing process. You may not drive until your doctors allow it.

You also may not bend your body during the first week after the procedure. Don’t lift anything that is heavier than 15 pounds for one month after the procedure. You may not take a bath for 5 days after the procedure.

After one month, you can take physical therapy after kyphoplasty. Decreasing the pain and inflamation that occur after surgery is the goal of the therapy. It can make the wound heal faster and can increase the spinal bones tolerance when doing daily activities.

You should remember though that you must prevent any excessive attempt when doing the therapy, that includes lifting, twisting, and bending your spine.

Doing physical therapy after kyphoplasty is better started with trying to wake up from bed with proper spine posture so that the wound is not damaged. Then, you can just try to get general home exercise like diaphragmatic breathing exercise. Or maybe you can try abdominal isometric exercise. Doing relaxation exercise also will help. Another exercise is doing the ankle pumps. Trying to walk up to a half miles is also a good exercise for you who want to be healthy.